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Setting up a New WordPress Installation

In order to set up a new WordPress you must have a hosting company, access to a SQL database, and FTP access. This guide assumes you are performing an manual installation and not using the install wizard that exist in some hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, and 1and1. You can also host with us.  While we don’t have the slick automated system of some of the big hosting companies, we do have inexpensive hosting and we will actually set up your WordPress install for you if you want.  We will, configure the recommended settings, upload a copy of our Theme Framework, and add the recommended plugins. All for just $36 per year.

Manual install is a very simple process:

Open PHPmyAdmin or SQL editing program and create a database for WordPress to use.

Create a MySQL user with all rights

Download the latest WordPress version at

Unzip the WordPress package

Make a copy of wp-config-sample.php and name it wp-config.php

Change the 4 items in bold to your information. Unless specified by your hosting company the 4th one will remain localhost

// ** MySQL settings - You can get this info from your web host ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define( 'DB_NAME', 'database_name_here' );

/** MySQL database username */
define( 'DB_USER', 'username_here' );

/** MySQL database password */
define( 'DB_PASSWORD', 'password_here' );

/** MySQL hostname */
define( 'DB_HOST', 'localhost' );

Upload the files to the directory you want. (usually the root domain or something like <root>/blog/

Activate the WordPress installation script by going to the domain name of the site you are installing.

Follow the instructions and your WordPress installation will be functional.

Next Step, configuring the settings! Configure button.