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Quick Start for the Themefast Framework

Once you have downloaded the Themefast Framework, upload it to your development/test server. We recommend using the quick start guide below to get the basics out of the way so you can focus on the design.

This assumes you already have a WordPress installation running and configured. If you do not have a WordPress installation already installed and configured click here for setup instructions.

Open the style.css

In the comment section at the top of the file:

  1. Change the theme name to your theme name.
  2. Change the author to you.
  3. Change the description.
  4. Change the version number.
  5. If you are designing for a specific client, remove tags.
  6. If you are making a theme for distribution, find the approved tags and use the ones that match your theme.

Open the header.php

There are meta tags in place, you just have to add the information.

  1. If this is for a client go in and change the COMPANY NAME to the companies name (under author and copyright)
  2. Change DESIGN COMPANY NAME under Web_Author to your or your company name.
  3. Change SOCIAL MEDIA TITLE in og:title to the Title you want to see in social media shares.
  4. Change SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE in og:image to the default image you want to appear in social media.

Open the footer.php

In the copyright line:

  1. Change DESIGN COMPANY NAME the client company name.
  2. Change DESIGN COMPANY NAME to you or your company name
  3. Change DESIGN COMPANY WEBSITE to a link to your website.
  4. While we have not protected the WordPress and link to our website, we recommend that you leave them. Outbound links are helpful to your sites SEO and the extra links give the impression that your website is more complex. In the interest of honesty we will also admit, it helps us as well.
  5. Open FTP
    • Delete the screenshot.png in the theme directory or your theme will still show the Theme Framework image on the appearance admin.
    • Upload your SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE.
  6. Log into WordPress admin panel
    • The rest of the Quick Start happens in the Theme Customizer.
      1. Go to Appearance=>Themes
      2. Activate your new theme
      3. Go to Appearance=>Customizer
      4. Site Identity: Add “Site Title” and/or “Tagline” – this is optional if you do not want the name at the top of the page, leave blank
      5. Site Identity: Select “Site Icon” This acts as favicon and app icon
      6. Logo: If you want to use a logo add it here.

That’s it!

You now have the theme framework personalized for you or your client and can begin the actual styling of the theme without worrying about the functionality. We urge you go the the “recommended plugins” and install the free plugins listed. Not only are they compatible with the Theme Framework but we have handled the installation configuration right in the theme. These plugins allow you to easily style in the content box without coding or even the text editor.

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