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Micro Labrets 18 gauge Surgical Steel



316l Surgical Steel  18g Internally Threaded Steel Labret.  This Labret Shaft has a 2.5mm Disc Back which is perfect for Tragus, Helix and Nose piercings. The back is small so it doesn’t cause irritation problems.  Available in 2 lengths 7mm*  & 5/16″  available in six gem colors.  Gem ball size is 2.5mm or 3mm.

Most healed HELIX piercings will take the smaller 7mm post. If you are not sure what size to get go with the longer 5/16″ one. Jewelry is AUTOCLAVE STERILIZED for your safety. All sales are final. *7 milometers is longer than 1/4″ but shorter than 5/16″.